The Top 8 Myths About ERP Implementation That You Should Ignore


8 Key Takeaways From This Guide


  1. These are common myths and misconceptions that prevent businesses from making the right decision in ERP implementation.
  2. The vendor’s experience and expertise in implementing an ERP solution in a particular industry is a key differentiator.
  3. Some ERP developers and implementers will offer assistance to deploy the software in a business as part of the licensing fee. Meanwhile, others will charge extra.
  4. Good ERP implementation planning includes essential and expendable factors and costs, depending on the company size and requirements.
  5. Poor planning boycotts any chance of a successful ERP implementation process.
  6. A faulted or failed deployment leads to financial losses and loss of credibility among company leaders and workers. 
  7. A fair ERP implementation process requires hiring the right consultant or partner. This decision is as Important as planning as budgeting the software deployment itself.
  8. Your ERP implementation provider should deliver an end-to-end implementation plan as part of its contract.

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